Monday, December 7, 2009

Retro Lunch

This sign on James Street just off State Street keeps catching my eye, though I'm usually distracted by the nearby Bank of America with its elegant Philip Hooker facade and the gorgeous former Mechanics & Farmers Bank building on either side of the intersection.

I've found very little information on this restaurant. The spot has been vacant since 2002, though I'm not sure whether the last lunch shop operating there was the original K.W. Savory or just continued with the catchy name. Apparently, the place at one time could claim to be Albany's first salad bar...and homemade ice cream is always tempting enough!

But the stylish retro sign is the real attraction now. I think I like it because, for me, it calls to mind a time when my great-aunt worked downtown at such businesses as Albany Associates and Reuben H. Donnelly Corporation.


  1. The salads there were amazing. I have worked downtown for 20+ years and that place was always crowded. We couldn't believe when it closed; without warning mind you. To this day I always wonder what happened.

  2. The sign has a real 1950's feel to it!

  3. His name was Herb Savory. I managed the bldg. at the time. Good guy.