Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bad Experience

This morning I had a bad experience with a local taxi service.  A driver who tried to avoid quoting a price at all, quoted a price above what we pay for the exact same trip every month, insisted a little too emphatically that the fare was posted, accused us of "trying to pull something," and tried to hold our items hostage in the trunk. Only the threat of police involvement resolved the situation (and only then barely and not without a threat from him). 

As for the fare being posted...I took a picture of his rate list (as well as the taxi medallion sticker, car number, etc.) and the entire lower half  (which included the fare in question) was so damaged that it made it impossible to verify the fare he was so reluctant to commit to (and his dispatcher was just as bad). 

I won't burden this blog with all the details.  The only way to describe this driver would require pretty much every "expletive deleted" known to the human race.  My Yelp review is here.  Oh, and I'm making a complaint to the appropriate city department. 


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