Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Lark

Say "Lark" to anyone in Albany and birds usually aren't the first thing that will come to mind (though, in my case, I'm more likely to think of Les Miserables - the novel, not the musical).

Although it extends a few blocks beyond Madison Avenue at its south end and well beyond Clinton Avenue at its north end, when most people talk about Lark Street, they're referring to the stretch between Madison and Washington Avenues.

The street is home to a mix of restaurants, bars, apartments, and small businesses including Justin's, Romeo's Gifts, Elissa Holloran Designs, Hot Dog Heaven, the Lark Street Flower Market, Flamingo Antiques, and two of my favorites...Crisan and Bombers.

It's also the site of several well-known events such as Art On Lark, the Santa Speedo Run, and the huge Lark Fest which is held every September.

Lark Street is often touted as being "The Village In The City." Maybe because I've lived around the corner from it all of my life or maybe because I'm so very fond of the real Greenwich Village, but that nickname has just never clicked with me.

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