Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old Industrial Buildings

Sometimes, I don't really have anything to say about a particular photo. There's no relevant history, just a view that catches my attention.

That's the case with today's picture, an old industrial building along Broadway just north of the Port of Albany. It's just an aging brick structure with multi-paned windows that caught my eye during an unintended detour a few years ago (as in, the person driving took a wrong turn). There's nothing very distinctive about it, except perhaps the rusty old loading doors with a tangle of wires hanging from a pipe above. A building nearby has a small rail trestle running into similar doors and that may have been the case here, too.


  1. I think that's the old Bab-O factory, discussed here back in April:

    You can see the silos in this view:

  2. Thanks, Carl. You must be correct since the picture was indeed taken at the corner of 4th Street. I remember seeing Bab-O cleanser when I was little. I think we found a case of it in the basement of a property that had once been my great-grandfather's store (old stock, perhaps) and ended up using it.

    Coincidentally, I just bookmarked your blog to follow yesterday.

  3. Thanks, Paula, I've got yours in my RSS list, too. When this topic came up earlier this year, I was stunned to realize the Bab-O had disappeared - it was once almost a generic word for cleanser. Of course, I was also stunned to learn I can't find real Spic N Span anymore, either. This is how you get old.

  4. Looks like it's ripe for loft conversion! If only the Albany economy could support such a thing. There are so many buildings that need a lot of TLC before they're lost.

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