Monday, May 25, 2015

A Soldier's Gravestone


I spent at least part of Memorial Day weekend in one of my favorite places, the Albany Rural Cemetery.  It was a rewarding walk (despite ending up with my foot ankle-deep in the rotted stump of a tree).  Among the headstones found on this outing, a fallen Civil War soldier's marker high on the old North Ridge.  Though the name and dates are difficult to read, it is easy to recognize it as a Civil War soldier's resting place; the design includes a soldier's kepi-style cap and a shield overlapping a crossed sword and scabbard.


  1. A fitting post for today. I like the lighting.

  2. Thanks for documenting this. It always makes me sad to see headstones that are falling over or totally down like this one. It was quite jarring the first time I found a family stone half pushed over here in the Hudson Valley.