Monday, April 27, 2015

Wheels Plus

Recently, I had to pick up a replacement shower hose at the Central Avenue Home Depot and decided to take the shortcut to the Westgate Plaza.  I stopped to adjust a chronically loose shoelace and looked up to see this sign.

This unassuming building which, in recent years, has been home to miscellaneous businesses such as a martial arts studio and a small theatre, was once Wheels Plus. 

It was a typically 80s roller skating rink - a place of colored lights, loud music,a DJ booth in a sort of stocky tower dead in the middle of the main, skating area, a tiny wooden skating area for little kids, and a snack bar with memorably good French fries.  I didn't go there too often, once or twice for classmates' birthday parties and at least once on a class trip.  And I was never a good skater, whether on wheels or ice.  But seeing the old sign was certainly a terrific flashback to the 80s!


  1. Nice sign- I imagine roller skating rinks are a real rarity these days.

    1. There are still about 3 roller skating rinks in my area. I live in Albany, NY. There's Guptill's in Latham, Rollerama in Rotterdam, and Starburst in Clifton Park. All of the locations are within a 20 minute drive, give or take.

  2. I went to Wheels Plus at least 2 weekends a month throughout Elementary School, and until they closed permanently. It was a popular place for birthday parties, when I was younger.

  3. Does anyone remember what year it was open?

  4. Guptills was the spot! You could skate or go get down on the separate dance floor! A fun spot to strut your stuff with your squad and your puppy love! Fun memories!!!