Thursday, August 13, 2009


Coulson's News Center has been a very familiar sight on Broadway just south of State Street Hill for about fifty years. Located in a pre-Civil War building that I'll blog about some other day, it has always been a convenient place to grab a newspaper, a magazine, a candy bar.

I've been in and out of this shop hundreds of times since childhood. But, as with so many familiar places, there's always something new to see...some little detail previously overlooked.

Earlier this summer, while walking home from seeing The Village People in concert, we stopped in Coulson's to get something cold to drink. And, embedded in the concrete threshold, I spotted this little brass plaque which proudly announces WE NEVER CLOSE. Which isn't 100% true since the store closes about ten each night.

But truth-in-advertising isn't the point here.

I just had to wonder just how many people who walk in and out of the store on a regular basis...and walk over this plaque...even know it's there at all.

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