Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Objects of Mystery

I've always wondered just what these two structures are.

They're located between North Pearl Street and the railroad tracks at the foot of Lark Drive, just north of the Ida Yarborough Apartments.

Years ago, before they were boarded over, you could catch glimpses of descending stairs inside these grim gray concrete canopies.

At one point, I was told they were WWII or Cold War bomb shelters. But I assume they're just stairs that were meant as a short-cut under the tracks to Van Woert Street and Broadway below...rather like the set of steps - also boarded up - in the wall under the old railway bridge at Broadway and Colonie Street.

No doubt these, like the steps at Colonie Street, where closed off to prevent garbage from accumulating inside and to prevent homeless people or troublemakers from making use of these secluded spots.

Whatever they were, it was easy for an over-active young mind to imagine all sorts of spooky possibilities.

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