Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Academic Details

With area schools reopening this week, the above photo seems particularly appropriate.

I've mentioned before that I love the little details that give buildings so much charm. This one is a beautiful example - an open book with a stylized background on a former school building. The book is a simple, eloquent statement of the building's original purpose. And I love the fact that it just happens to be positioned under the lamp - another common symbol of learning.

This old school building, which stands on North Pearl Street near the Palace Theatre, has been converted to condominiums. There are several other handsome former schools in the City that have been so reused.

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  1. There is a school near where my husband's grandmother lived in Ft Worth that had the name of the school and then words like "scholarship, fitness" engraved in the building. I liked it since it was a visual reminder to the kids about why they were there!