Friday, September 11, 2009

Medieval Grace

Albany has many beautiful and historic churches and the Episcopal Cathedral of All Saints has always been one of my favorites.

It was built between 1884 and 1888 and designed by Robert W. Gibson. To tell the truth, the location (tucked right behind and mostly overshadowed by the the old State Education Building) and the brick front facade aren't terribly impressive at first.

But's magnificent and has real feel of being inside a much, much older English cathedral...which makes it a perfect place for the Medieval Faire (one of the delights of my pre-teen and teen years).

The handsome Potsdam sandstone interior is full of gorgeous detail from the hidden carved trilobite near the doors to the carved choir stalls to an exquisite rose window. Some of the funding for the interior work came from J. Pierpont Morgan.

The cathedral is also the burial place of Bishop William C. Doane and his wife. Doane was a true driving force behind the building of this church and it was fitting that he was given special permission to be interred there.

Two planned Gothic towers were never built and the simple facade was added in 1971.

My favorite views of All Saints and the ones which really have that medieval Old World feel are along Elk Street where the above picture was taken.

Their site is under construction, but Wikipedia has a good article on All Saint here.

P.S. This year's Medieval Faire will be held on October 24. I just might be there.a


  1. It certainly is graceful and gorgeous. I love the materials, color, and style, and you took a wonderfully interesting photo of it to share with us!

  2. IT is always beautiful; and I'll be going to the Faire this year; I missed it so when it was gone!