Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Stylish Column

This is yet another one of those details I've seen a thousand times, but never noticed until now.

The bathhouse, which overlooks the round 1930 Lincoln Park swimming pool, was designed by architect Thomas L. Gleason. His name still appears on a plaque on the building's east facade. It serves as the pool's street entrance and locker rooms. In the past, it also served skaters when the level "bowl" of Lincoln Park was used an ice rink and the building has also been used in the off-season as extra space to ease overcrowding at a nearby homeless shelter.

I grew up a few blocks from this swimming pool...which is located just below the former Beaverkill's falls and very close to the site of a long-gone natural swimming hole called Rocky Ledge pool...but never paid much attention to the Georgian Revival bathhouse. It was just a place to quickly change into a swimsuit before rushing out to the pool.

It wasn't until last weekend when I was crisscrossing the park east of Swan Street (looking for any other remnants of the Beaverkill, of course), that I actually looked up and noticed the distinctive terra cotta columns with their spiral shafts and elegant floral capitols.

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