Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's fun to stay at the....


Yes, I'll admit it, The Village People are one of my guilty pleasures. Their July concert was the most fun I've had at Alive @ Five in a long time.

And I'll admit that I only recently realized this gorgeous building on Pearl Street was the original location of Albany's Y.M.C.A.. I've passed it many, many times, but always knew of it as the now-defunct Steuben Club and now the home of the new Pearl Street Pub.

The building was built in the 1880s and designed by the architectural firm of Fuller & Wheeler. The turret on the southeast corner was topped with a conical roof, now lost. The side entrance on Steuben Place is especially handsome with its imposing Romanesque sandstone arch.


  1. It is interesting how people can pass by a building that was used for years for something like a YMCA, yet not realize that it was anything other than a pub. Even the Pantheon was a poultry market in the middle ages.

    I have just discovered and signed up to follow your blog. Season's greetings from sunny and warm Costa Rica.

  2. OK, next year to Costa Rica for the holidays; I've decided cold and I do not get along. Yes, the YMCA building, has been this pub for a very short time, prior, also Pearl St. Pub..and then prior The Downtown Athletic Club. I think at one point the Steuben Athletic Club used it to cook for their members, but sold that part out.