Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter In The Beaverkill Ravine

For the past several months, I've been blogging about the gully in Lincoln Park and the underground Beaverkill which can be glimpsed through a grating within the gully. I'm not quite sure why this spot fascinates me so, but it simply does.

So, of course, when I passed the gully on the way to Walgreens recently, I just had to venture inside and see how it looks in the winter. I didn't go too far into the ravine this time, only because I wasn't wearing boots and the snow looked rather damp towards the middle. But I could still hear the rushing of water from the Beaverkill tumbling through the culverts under that mundane-looking metal grate...and, as always, there was a subtle haunting feeling to the place.

Click below for my posts about the Beaverkill...I will be writing more soon. And, despite the cold, Sunday's peek inside probably won't be the last this winter.

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  2. Hi Paula

    Great job on the article, I to have a fascination with Buttermilk Falls. The picture on my computer screen is one I shot of Buttermilk Falls last November. It must have been beautiful in its day,(although the gorge is still quite beautiful as it is) I’ve thought of how nice it would be if the city could bring that part of the Beaverkill back up to the surface . It would make quite a beautiful nature site but of course it would be a major engineering feat and with budgets being what they are there's not much chance of it. Part of my fascination with it comes from the fact that I am a ghost storyteller in the city of Albany. I work for Ghosts of Albany (we're on the web of course), we tell our stories every weekend on walking tours and one of my favorite stories and one of the more scary stories is about the massacre at Buttermilk Falls. I've read some of your other work as well and It is great to have people like yourself bringing awareness to some of these sites in Albany, keep up the good work.