Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pointing the way

The Schuyler Mansion is one of Albany's oldest houses and best preserved. And, like the Ten Broeck Mansion across town, I will awkwardly admit that I have never actually visited it...unless you count a brief stroll across the grounds just before closing time one evening.

The handsome brick home of General Philip Schuyler was host to a number of famous Revolutionary War-era figures, from General Burgoyne to the Marquis de Lafayette. Originally called The Pastures, it was built ca. 1761. In the late 19th century, well after passing from the Schuyler descendants' possession, it housed an orphanage. It was designated as an historic monument in 1917 and is now a museum.

This sign is one of several pointing the way to the Mansion. Located not too far west of the old Pastures at the corner of Delaware and Morton Avenues, it is currently lying on its side by the Lincoln Park tennis courts as the area has been in the midst of a major street reconstruction project.

For more information on the Schuyler Mansion:

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  1. Very interesting. Schuyler must have had 2 mansions, though. I never knew there was one in Albany, but there is one on Rt32 just outside Schuylerville.