Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crow Feathers

Albany has a problem with crows. There's thousands of them. For a time, they were roosting en masse just off New Scotland Avenue near the Albany Law School. Attempts at crow "dispersal" - scaring them away with noises and lights, etc. - haven't made much of an impact. The crows have simply found new places to roost.

I've seen quite a few more crows in the Center Square since the most recent round of dispersal efforts. In the evening, I see hundreds of them flying and cawing over my house and, for the first time, there's crow droppings in my backyard.

These crow feathers were photographed in the Beaverkill Ravine in Lincoln Park.

Crows are said to be very intelligent birds. Also, they are capable of differentiating human faces, have good memories...and hold grudges. I don't dislike them. In fact, they're handsome birds. But in such great numbers, they're rather scary.

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