Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Architectural Detail

This bit of Gothic style over the door of a vacant building at the eastern end of the decaying Wellington Row always catches my eye. I can't remember what this building housed when I was little, though I've passed it at least once a week since childhood and recall other businesses along this street very well, such as the Chinese restaurant that used to be a door or two up from here.

I love the stylized letters, the heraldic-style shields, and the fine details on the columns.


  1. I'm not sure of the street address on this one, is it 132? Years ago there was a public affairs/lobbying firm there, which I thought owned the building. It was pretty run-down inside. If it is 132, in 1939 it was home to the Home Dairy Company, something called The Chatham, Vincent L. Lupo, DDS, and a number of residents. Given that, I'd guess the C stands for Chatham, and it may have been a residential hotel or named apartment building.

  2. I didn't actually note the address, but 132 sounds right given the block it's on.

    A while ago, I found a small old business directory that listed an address as simply The Chatham.

  3. Belated apologies, Paula - I didn't see that you'd tried (and had trouble) commenting on my site. Oddly it wasn't sending me any notifications at all (oddly because I had it set right on my other site), but I'm getting it straightened out.

  4. Just happened to run across The Chatham, 142 State, in the 1940 directory under "Apartment Buildings." So it was a named building, rather than another hotel.