Friday, September 10, 2010

Squirreling Away

This whimsical set of cast iron bars protects a window on the ground level of the old Home Savings Bank building at 11 North Pearl Street. The fabulous Home Savings Bank tower at 11 North Pearl Street is one of downtown Albany's most distinctive and elegant landmarks.

Built in the 1929s, the 19-story structure was called Albany's first skyscraper and - for a short time - it was Albany's tallest building. Though it was quickly surpassed in height by other buildings, it remains the fifth tallest.

The facade includes delicate Art Deco terra cotta decorations. The main entrance is surrounded by plaques representing figures from Albany's past. Dutch and Native American profiles surround the upper story. It's one of those buildings that is worth stopping to really look at, even if one passes it every day.

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