Monday, July 26, 2010

The Writing Is (Not) On The Wall

Albany is dotted with ghost signs, the fading relics of old ads painted on the walls. Previously, I've posted about a Times Union sign on Pearl Street, a 7-Up sign along lower Madison Avenue, and an electrical goods dealer on Liberty Street.

And All Over Albany had a feature on local ghost signs earlier this year.

This is a tiny one on a 19th-century brick building where Central and Washington Avenues converge in a point. The building has several very faint ghost signs on its western wall...what appear to be ads for Pilsbury products and an "Albany Diner" (not to be confused with the current Miss Albany Diner on Broadway). This one, on the south wall, is barely legible and one that escaped my notice until this weekend. Maybe the light was just right or I was looking from just the right angle, but the words Albany, N.Y. seemed to just leap out at me and, thankfully, I'd just put new batteries in my camera.

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