Saturday, October 9, 2010

Madison Relic

This is the smaller of two graceful cast iron columns accenting a derelict Queen Anne-style mansion on Madison Avenue just west of Washington Park.

This ca. 1889 building must have been absolutely beautiful in its youth and, despite several decades of almost complete neglect, it's still a gorgeous building...or, at least, a gorgeous shell. Believed to be the work of Albert Fuller, its interior is quite gutted. Windows are boarded, the roof is rotting, floors look to dangerous for even a ghost to waft across. Mantles and other interior elements were long ago stripped.

I've had dreams now and then that I've bought the place (it is for sale again) and am about to renovate it. But restoring this too-long abandoned house would take a small fortune that I certainly don't have! Still, it's nice to dream...and this isn't the only place I dream of!

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