Friday, August 5, 2011

The Square Pie

My partner is Brooklyn-born and raised and he knows good pizza. He's also very critical of most of the pizza available here. I'm a self-taught cook and learned to make pretty good pizza from scratch about fifteen years ago.

I've never actually been to L& V Pizza in Brooklyn (yet), but I've heard a lot about it. So, I decided I'd recreate one of their square pies...without a recipe. I figured he'd like that.

The result is pictured above. Sometimes, I impress myself. As good as it looked in the pan and on the plate, it tasted even better.

After dinner, my partner was busy texting photos of it to friends back in Brooklyn and posting pictures on Facebook. Which apparently resulted in people licking their phones and drooling on their keyboards

(I'm not a serious food photographer by any means. That's not counting the occasional cell phone pictures taken for Facebook. I'm usually too hungry to bother arranging the food just so for a nice picture.)

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