Tuesday, December 14, 2010

McKinney Iron Works

My eyes really lit up when I spotted this garishly painted, but otherwise mundane storefront along Lexington Avenue, just south of Central Avenue. It was the second of two buildings I had come across in just over a week that featured original cast iron architectural detail and the manufacturer's name - J. McKinney & Son, Iron Works, Albany N.Y..

James McKinney's iron works was a leading producer of columns, facades, stairs, railing, and other building elements in cast or wrought iron. Located in a massive brick building which still stands along Broadway, the company was found in 1857 and was also known as the Albany Architectural Iron Works.

Other cast iron examples I've posted so far:

On James Street
Sun On Beaver Street
Decay By The Tracks
Madison Relic

There's more to come, including another McKinney work with a personal connection.


  1. I've found at least one of McKinney's facades in Troy, as well:

  2. Hi Paula,

    I am an architect in Great Barrington, MA working on a building facade restoration that has McKinney iron work as well. Have you researched the company at all? Do they still exist? I can't seem to find anything on them.

    Nice blog!

    Scott Henderson