Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unexpected Rainbows

I'm used to the little pocket-sized parks and playgrounds that dot the city. Some are smaller than my own backyard. Some are just a stretch of grass with a bench. Some have - or had - tiny swimming pools or swings. Some seem better maintained than others.

Yesterday, I had some real estate errands to take care of in the South End. I've never really ventured into that part of the city before, except for brief walks to the Schuyler Mansion and the renovated Howe Library.

Walking over Clinton Street, just a few short blocks south of the Mansion and library, I came across this neglected, but very unusual...and unexpected...playground.

There's not too much to it. A corner lot of grass and patchy weeds and this sole sliding board, itself a odd structure of painted tree limbs around a sagging little bridge and a slide with a rainbow on its side.


  1. I saw that a few weeks back, and wanted to get a photo of it, so I'm glad you saw it. Quite amazing. But a very sketchy neighborhood.

  2. Looks like the kids have abandoned it.

  3. That's actually the spot that was used for many scenes for Ironweed. It is where the mission was in the movie.